Our Culture

Our Culture

The idea was simple, to create a family of companies in the heavy-side, construction materials industry that were
interdependent and decentralized; thus, taking advantage of economies of scale and local knowledge simultaneously.
By teaming up with established local businesses, Summit Materials creates value, providing access to growth
capital, implementing best practices, and offering a safe place to work while striving to exceed our environmental
and social responsibilities. This vision has helped Summit grow from a single office to more than 400 locations.

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Mission Statement

Summit Materials is committed to being an ethical and responsible member of the business communities in which
we operate and continually strives to be above reproach in fulfilling our responsibilities to our customers,
business partners, and the environment. By living our core values, we will build a good business with a
strong, respectable reputation in the markets we serve.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct given to all employees, provides Summit employees with guidance in furtherance of these goals along with the expectation that the Code of Conduct is followed by each employee.

Summit Materials produces valuable resources that create the infrastructure that drives our economy–however
we are fully committed to sustainably sourcing these materials. Please see our
sustainability section for details on how we honor that commitment.


Summit Materials is committed to the safety of our employees. Making sure our employees make it home safely,
each day, is our top priority.

Safety Practices & Procedures

Entrepreneurship Ethos

Summit’s founder, Tom Hill, has been in the heavy-side construction materials industry for his entire career.
Prior to founding Summit, Tom recognized the opportunity for a company that could acquire, integrate, and grow
family companies by providing access to capital, IT resources, and performance optimization practices, while
leveraging the local knowledge of those companies and their entrepreneurs. The idea was to create a vertically
integrated, but interdependent and decentralized, heavy-side construction company.

  • Maintaining local operating company cultures while providing room for growth
  • How do we encourage entrepreneurial behavior from all employees?
  • Empower local decisions
  • Utilize HQ as the support team

Omar Franco

Summit/Cornejo is a great company to work for. I have been able to build a great career here because of the opportunities I have been given. I have seen coworkers move up at Cornejo or even leave Cornejo and work directly for corporate.

Omar Franco

Jordan Koornneef

Personally, I have had the opportunity to dive into identifying and sharing the many ways that safety best practices not only apply to life outside of work but benefit it as well. Thinking and acting safely increases efficiency and quality of life.

Jordan Koornneef