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Proving value in reuse and recycling

Our recycling program extends across all lines of our business, from water usage, production and business waste, fuels, fleet vehicles, and post-consumer waste in offices. Every company at Summit Materials manages their business waste, and recycling inputs to better maximize the use of recycled materials to reduce costs and resources. This is an integral part … Continued

Generating and Managing our Waste

Waste generation is something we constantly work to reduce. This is achieved, for example, through office initiatives like reducing paper usage through automated HR programs, and finding new ways to recycle and reuse car parts like retreading tires and reusing oil barrels. These procedures are carried out in accordance with environmental compliance laws and regulations, … Continued

Biodiversity and Land Conservation

The way we see it, every acre of land that we manage has potential beyond its primary use. That’s why Summit Materials is dedicated to conserving our land by promoting biodiversity through the development of wildlife habitat; and then, using this restored habitat as an educational tool to benefit our communities. In 2014, we began … Continued

Natural Resource Improvements and Efficiencies

Reducing natural resource usage is a top priority at Summit Materials. We have worked to initiate many effective programs across our different lines of business that demonstrate our commitment to efficiencies and improvements in the use of our resources and reductions in our emissions. Our projects are completed with the intention of reducing costs, environmental … Continued