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Company Overview

Summit Materials is a new kind of construction materials company. We combine a modern business approach and entrepreneurial vision with the experience and wisdom of a traditional construction materials company. We believe that construction materials companies should partner with local communities to solve infrastructure needs and help the community grow. Our operating companies and their employees live and work in the areas they support, so they have a vested interest in ensuring high quality roads, bridges, and baseball fields are built. Summit Materials believes that the best way to generate shareholder value is to combine vertical integration with an interdependent company structure, as it provides increased efficiencies and economies of scale, while empowering operating companies to make local, well informed decisions. Our operating companies are partners with their local communities and this structure capitalizes on their knowledge of the local markets, while leveraging our management team’s extensive experience in the construction materials industry.


Summit Materials is an active acquirer in the construction materials industry and views growth through acquisitions and organic investment as key components of its strategy to create shareholder value. We seek to acquire successful companies in attractive markets where together we can build value and develop as part of a larger group of companies. We create value by partnering with entrepreneurial companies and their management teams and employees, and provide them with the resources and support to exploit opportunities and drive growth in their local markets. Summit has built a reputation as a trustworthy acquirer and steward of family-owned companies because we value the history, goodwill and entrepreneurial spirit that each company has built over years of operating in their local communities. We have completed numerous acquisitions to date and are continually developing our strong pipeline of potential opportunities.