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We are disciplined in our approach to safety. Across all business lines, functions, and companies, we aim for a world-class safety program and consistently work hard to achieve this goal. We incorporate workplace organization tools, like 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain), to increase efficiencies and maintain safe working spaces for our employees. Routine risk assessments and our safety policies and principles provide a framework for decision-making and help ensure that all tasks are carried out with employee and workplace safety top of mind. From an educational and training standpoint, we hold weekly safety meetings, regular training sessions, and ‘tool box talks’ to foster and maintain an open dialogue regarding safety issues and continue to cultivate a culture where safety is always top of mind and is everyone’s responsibility.

As a strategic incentive to strengthen safety performance, all Summit Materials employees’ and executives’ bonuses are tied to Summit Materials’ and our companies’ end of year safety results. Additionally, our top performing companies and facilities are rewarded each year with highly competitive internal awards to incentivize performance throughout various aspects of the safety program.

In recent years, our leadership teams have been recognized by national and state organizations for their innovative ideas and commitment to safety in the workplace. Safety Leadership Teams have empowered our employees to analyze everyday tasks and make them safer and more efficient for the entire organization. During any given week, there is at least one team at each company taking time away from their daily tasks to analyze, discuss, and ultimately, reduce hazards.